What is a CMS, anyway?

The Basics

Maybe you've heard this term thrown around when talking to web design agencies. Maybe you've seen it on a proposal. Maybe someone said "CMS" and you weren't sure if it was just another text abbreviation like LOL or TTYL. "CMS" is short for Content Management System. You can think of it as a software that manages all of the content in your website behind the scenes. Most modern websites use a CMS, which allows clients and administrators to directly edit a live website. In general, we always recommend using a CMS. Which CMS you use depends completely on what type of solution you need.


One Giant Content Management System - this is our proprietary CMS. We've used many content management systems, until one day we got fed up with the difficult to edit templates, confusing user panel, etc. We wanted to build our own CMS exactly how we thought it should be built - simple, easily expandable, and very customizable. Our CMS can manage the same content for a Flash site with an HTML version. It can show a Flash logo when there's flash, or show an image when the user doesn't have Flash. This is just one of the many advantages using our CMS. In fact - this website is powered by our CMS.


For a standard, out of the box solution, WordPress is the way to go. It may not be as easy to customize, but it cuts costs and provides a quick, easy way to power your site on a very well known and supported CMS. We use WordPress on many websites that need a basic solution without the need to customize or expand in the future.

The Others

There are countless options when it comes to your choice in Content Management Systems. A simple Google search will find almost endless options. That's where we come in. Let us know your requirements, or if you don't know, let us help you figure out what they are. Based on our experience making websites, we can help guide you in finding the right CMS.