Managing Your Website

All websites need maintenance and administration, some more than others.  Whether it's changing content, design tweaks, SEO adjustments, renewing expiring domains, adding email accounts, necessary server upgrades, recovering a hacker or spammer, or just about anything - your site will surely find a way to beg your attention and valuable time one way or another.  Our goal is to handle it for you so you do not have to worry about any of it.

Our monthly maintenance packages offer yearly options for discounted rates. All standard maintenance, administration & management, and webmastering will be taken care of as hassle-free as possible for as little as possible.

All OGM management and maintenance packages include much more value than discounts. A dedicated One Giant account manager will get to know you, your team, your business, your website, and your goals. They'll personally take care of your site as an in-house webmaster would, and can tailor a package to fit your specific needs. See our recommended Standard Package below to learn more about some of the great low-cost benefits.

Standard Webmaster Package

Let us manage everything standard about your site. From domain renewals to email support, you won't have to waste your time - we'll take care of it. (Recommended)

  • Personal Account Manager / Webmaster
  • Hosting Management - we'll keep track of your hosting account, make any necessary account updates, and handle renewals ahead of time
  • Domain and DNS Management - we'll set up all domains associated with the and let you know when they need to be renewed
  • Email Accounts Management - we'll set you up with email you can check online or from your desktop software, or both!  With Gmail powering email for business, you can get the best of both worlds with professional email addresses, and use the best email service in the world from Google.  Other
  • Content Management System Administration - control who can edit what in your site and more
  • Email Support - email us a problem, and we'll take care of it
  • Limited Phone Support - call us during business hours and never wait on hold
  • Warranty and Hacker Recovery Insurance - it doesn't matter if your site is hacked, broken or deleted by accident, crashes, or is hit by lightning. It will be fixed or re-launched from a backup as soon as possible (usually within a few business hours or sooner, *time may depend on hosting partner)
  • Weekly Up-To-Date Backups of entire site and database(s) for data security, and more importantly - peace of mind (*backup schedule may depend on hosting partner)
  • Discounted hourly rates for additional work requests or website add-ons
  • Insight and suggestions to take your website and business to the next level, when you're ready.

Personal Account Manager & Webmaster:

Don't waste your time sitting on hold with hosting companies, paying multiple service providers, or interpreting tech jargon any longer. Your personal account manager will handle everything, take change requests, translate complicated jargon into simple English, and provide support or guidance by email or phone as needed. They can even help you develop your online strategy and keep you informed about new web trends so you don't miss the next wave (or the last one).

Full Administration:

We will take care of all domain, DNS, and hosting management as necessary.  This includes any updates from service providers, expiring domain renewals, consolidating registrar and hosting bills, and more.  We will renew and manage your server space, and provide general administration help so you don't have to worry about it or waste any time with it!


You can request any email account names, (i.e., and access your email accounts with Outlook, Webmail (in internet browser), or any other standard email application.   Or, we can set it to forward mail to existing account(s) of your own.  Additional features like auto-responders available. We can also set your business up with web-based email powered by Google Apps (Gmail).


Included in this service is basic email and limited phone support.  This means if you need technical assistance, admin / CMS assistance, or you just want to say hi, we are just a phone call or email away! Plus, we don't put anyone on hold (we hate that).

Warranty / Hacker Recovery:

In the rare event that your site crashes, goes down, is maliciously attacked, or accidentally deleted, we'll take care of it. We will reset your passwords, fix anything broken, or clean out your web space and re-launch it from a backup as good as new.  We keep weekly backups of all websites that use our hosting services. 

*Backup schedules may depend on the hosting partner of your choice.

Automatic Payments:

We'll set you up with automatic payments so that you don't need to worry about it. We can also consolidate your service providers into the same payment so that you don't have to ever see those again either. Don't worry, you can cancel any time.

* some services may not be applicable if you opt to use your own service providers rather than ours.  For example, if you want to find and manage your own hosting or use in-house servers.


Pricing will vary depending on how many requirements your site or project has.  Please contact us and we will be happy to evaluate your website needs.

Custom Maintenance Packages

For a custom tailored management & maintenance package, or extensive routine updates, please contact us with a description of your needs and we'll be happy to find a solution that works for you.